Mirjana Joveska

Mirjana Joveska

Mirjana is a reporter for the Macedonian national TV Sitel. She made her first steps in journalism

in high school. She got her first experience when she volunteered and practiced for an educational

TV show for children, and after that continued working on articles on the culture and music scene.

That was sufficient to help her decide that economics, which she studied in high school, was not

the choice for her further studies at University, but instead, journalism was. She started working

for the Macedonian business weekly newspaper Kapital during her studies and was part of the

team for almost three years. She left journalism and after a longer break, she turned back to the

field she actually finds herself and feels comfortable. She has worked for TV Sitel since 2018. She

finds working days as a TV reporter very dynamic, unpredictable, and pretty challenging where

there is always something new to be learned which is her driving force. She is a polyglot. Along

with English, German, Italian, Serbian, and Macedonian as her native language, she recently

started learning Swedish as well. Her life motto is "Keep the positive energy and cheerful spirit, so

you can do and achieve anything you want".