Xhelal Neziri

Xhelal Neziri

Xhelal Neziri is experienced investigative reporter and analyst. He holds a Master Degree in Communication Science on the thesis: The presence of investigative journalism in printed media in Macedonia: analysis of newspapers. Since 2018 Neziri is a PhD Candidate in Political Science in the Program: Democracy in era of globalization.

As journalist has started to work in 2000, in a daily newspaper while latter worked for several North Macedonian, regional and international media. In 2006 and 2007 has coordinated, edited and co-authored two cross-border investigative stories – Fake passports and Fake diplomas in the Balkan counties, with which has won prizes for best investigative stories. In 2016 Neziri has won another prize for investigative journalism about the story – In the toxic kingdom of Jugohrom, a story that also was a product of cross-border investigative journalism.

Since 2008 he has been representing Danish SCOOP project in Macedonia, coordinating national and trans-national investigative stories.

In 2011 Neziri was one of the co-founders of the first Center for Investigative Journalism in North Macedonia – SCOOP (scoop.mk) and the first president. In this position has served until May 2019. At the moment Neziri is Editor of SCOOP-Macedonia, Editor in chief of Inbox7.mk and columnist for kdpolitik.com.

In international level, he is a member of International Advisory Board at Journalismfund.eu based in Brussels and member of Global Initiative’s Civil Society Observatory to Counter Organized Crime in South Eastern Europe based in Vienna.

Contact: [email protected]