Edina Elezi

Edina Elezi

Edina Elezi is a third-year undergraduate student at the International Balkan University. In the

university, she is the only Albanian woman in her department of Political Sciences, where she's

mainly known for being a very self-disciplined, dedicated student with a high GPA. Within the

society, she is regarded mostly for her social criticism and activism which she has openly and

bravely expressed through her well-articulated writings, and even is a winner of multiple writing

contests covering different social topics. While equivalently maintaining both, her studies and her

career, she has continuously contributed to society by letting her skills and talents serve the

advantages of the society. By working with many international and domestic organizations she

has helped on implementing multiple social and humanitarian projects in North Macedonia. Her

passionately curious nature to explore daily life, analyze and examine social phenomena, brought

her closer to journalism where she decided to take part in YJN to expand her knowledge, gain new

skills and fulfill her career. Driven and uncompromising, Edina continues to enthusiastically test

herself in different spheres by always remaining genuine in the pursuit of knowledge and the